The Mammoth Lakes Fire Department is a fire protection district originating in 1948 to serve the Mammoth Lakes community. The District boundaries encompass approximately 24 square miles of which only 4.6 sq miles is non-federal land. 90% of this 4.6 square miles is developed with over 7,500 residents and over 1,500,000 sq. ft. of commercial development. The population can vary from the 7,500 permanent residents to over 40,000 during peak weekends and holidays. The primary visitor attraction is the world class Mammoth Mountain Ski resort. In addition, the area offers diverse winter and summer recreational opportunities with lakes, streams, mountains, natural hot springs, connected by a vast network of roads and trails. Elevations vary from 7,000' to the top of Mammoth Mountain which is 11,052'. The center of Town is at 8,000' and has an annual average snowfall of over 500 inches.